Super Mushrooms 10:1 Double Extract Collection


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All of out Mushroom Extracts at a discounted price.


To maximize efficiency, You want to know how the individual extracts affect you to get the most out of them.

Generally Lion’s mane and Reishi have the ability to improve sleep quality so it is most beneficial to have them before bed.

Cordyceps on the other hand can provide energy and focus so it would be better to take upon rising in the morning.

Maitake is know to have strong immunomodulating effects and can be taken whenever preferred

With this in mind, our ideal dosage schedule is as follows,

Morning upon rising:

1 Capsule of Maitake

2 Capsules of Cordyceps

2 Capsules of Shiitake

Evening before bed:

1 Capsule of Maitake

2 Capsules of Reishi

2 Capsules of Lion’s Mane

At this dosage schedule, this package will last 30 days.



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