Tongkat Ali Buying Guide

Tongkat Ali buying guide

We only use the finest Tongkat ali in our formulations.
All of our Tongkat products contain Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract.

It Takes 200kg of Eurycoma longifolia root bark to make 1kg of Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract.

We supply Tongkat ali 200:1 extract in 3 different formulations, at different strengths to support different levels of Tongkat ali supplementation.

They are in order of potency

Herbal V With Tongkat Ali (contains 50mg TKA per capsule, 90 capsules per pack)

Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract + L-Arginine (contains 200mg TKA per capsule, 90 per pack)

Pure Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract (contains 500mg TKA per Capsule, 90 Per pack)

Herbal V With Tongkat Ali or Herbal vitality is the first tier and ideal for those who have no experience with Tongkat Ali. Each capsule contains 50mg of Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract, aswell as a synergistic mix of 7 herbs to support vitality and longevity.

Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract + L-Arginine is the middle tier product. Ideal for those who have used Tongkat Ali before but don’t require a high dose. Every capsule contains 200mg of Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract plus 300mg of L-Arginine.

Pure Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract is the top tier product. For those who are experienced with Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract and require a high dose. Every capsule contains 500mg of Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract. There are 90 capsules per container.


Dosage for each individual may vary and may take some experimentation to reach desired results. Below is the most popular dosages based on feedback for our Pure Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract Product.

Increase libido and sexual function:
1-2 capsules twice per day (1 morning, 1 at night for best results) – cycling 6 days on, 3 days off

For fatigue support, weight management and other common health ailments:
1 capsule per day – cycling 14 days on, 6 days off

Bodybuilders whose concern is to achieve persistent high testosterone levels:
Three times a day, 2 capsules – cycling 6 days on, 3 days off

Inside Each Bottle of Pure Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract

Each bottle of Tongkat contains 90 x 500mg capsules 1:200 Tongkat Ali Root Extract.

Vegetable Capsules shell.

The following is a week by week breakdown of the effects of Tongkat Ali on your body:

Week 1 – You will not notice a huge change in your body as your testosterone level will be just over normal, an increased sex drive should be noticeable. Many men report increased desire and arousal during the first week of using Tongkat Ali. For some men it takes a bit longer (two weeks or so), so don’t think there’s something wrong if your libido is not significantly increased in the first week.

Week 2 – In this week, your testosterone levels will be mildly increased. Increased sex drive should be noticeable: you will get aroused easily and your libido will be stronger than usual.

If you are taking Tongkat Ali for fitness purposes you may experience an increase in muscle mass. Men who are into body building will experience better results than the others. However, even if you are not into a heavy workout you will notice an increased strength.

Week 3 – Testosterone levels have definitely increased and you may start feeling the actual effects and your libido will be increased even more.

When it comes to body building, your strength will increase further and you will feel more energetic.

Weeks 4- 6 – And now the Tongkat Ali will truly start to show its effects. Your testosterone levels will rise, which will lead to some noticeable changes. Your libido will increase more than ever before and you’ll want to have sex more often. Men who deal with erectile dysfunction will notice positive changes when it comes to their ability to achieve and maintain erections. The actual results will depend on the seriousness of the problem, but you should experience strengthened erections and an improvement when it comes to your ability to maintain an erection.

For men without ED problems they will notice better erections and they will be able to last longer in bed. Tongkat Ali will improve their performance and make their orgasms stronger.

Body builders should notice a decrease in body fat and further increase in muscle mass. They will also feel even more energetic and strong.

Weeks 7-9 – Sexual performance should definitely improve. You will be able to achieve and maintain erections needed for a healthy intercourse. Your libido will still be high and you’ll be able to satisfy it.

Weeks 10 and up – This is where you’ll achieve maximum of testosterone boost, which will bring strong and prolonged erections, as well as increased sexuality. You will be able to experience all of the benefits Tongkat Ali brings. You will also notice increase in basic metabolism, high energy levels and overall satisfaction.

*Individual results may vary.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.